Let Love Live Adoption Process, Policies and Fees


Adoption Process:

  1. Step one is to apply.  Go to https://letlove.live/adopt and fill out an application.  We only adopt animals to adopters who have been approved through the applications process.  List the name(s) of the animals you are interested in or if unsure apply for “generic”.  If you submit a generic application an adoption coordinator will contact you and help you choose an animal that best suits what you are looking for.  Applying for an animal does not guarantee your application will be approved.
  2. After applying an adoption coordinator will be assigned and contact you.  The adoption coordinator will complete the approval process and answer all questions about the animal(s) you are interested in.  Please note that due to the high number of applications we receive it may take up to a week to contact you.
  3. We adopt animals to approved adopters on a “first come first served basis” and we continue to accept applications for an animal until that animal is adopted or reserved through a paid hold.   If you’d like to reserve an animal until you can come meet them (typically within 48 hours) you may place a paid hold on the animal for a $25 deposit.  If you adopt any animal from us when you visit the $25 is fully refundable.  The $25 deposit is not refundable if you choose not to adopt from us or if you miss your appointment at which time we reserve the right to accept another paid hold or adopt the animal to another applicant.
  4. You may return your adopted animal to Let Love Live at any time in the pets life, however only animals returned within the first 14 days of adoption will be eligible for a refund of the adoption fee.


Spay and Neuter policy:

  1. Due to the high volume of animals Let Love Live rescues from high kill shelters, it is not possible for us to keep all animals onsite waiting to spay and neuter them prior to adoption.  Our relatively low adoption fees represent this.  Because of this, the pet you are adopting may or may not be sterilized.  If they are not sterilized it is the adopters responsibility to get your pet spayed/neutered.  Please check with your adoption coordinator as to the sterilization status of the pet you are interested in.
  2. A spay/neuter deposit is required for all non-sterilized pets at the rate of $25 for adults and $50 for puppies.  Pets over one year of age must be sterilized within 30 days of adoption and puppies by 1 year of age.  The deposit will be refunded within 14 days of Let Love Live receiving proof of sterilization.
  3. Let Love Live has low cost spay/neuter agreements with several veterinarians for animals adopted through our program.  Please ask your adoption coordinator about locations and cost.


Adoption Fees

Puppy (6 months and younger): $300
Altered Adult (7 months to 7 years): $300
Unaltered Adult (7 months to 7 years): $210
Senior (7 years to 10 years): $135
Super Seniors (over 10 years): $75


Heartworm Positive Dogs:  Go to https://letlove.live/heartworm-adoption-handbook/