Meet Joan Jett

Patron Saint of “Let Love Live”

Joan was living in squalor conditions competing with 5 other dogs for food.  All unvaccinated.  All malnourished.  To make matters worse, the home where she was living caught fire when a cleanup burn got out of control.  Joan was so afraid she stayed quivering under the back porch, but miraculously survived the fire.  Unfortunately, she ran after the fire was put out and was hit by a tractor on the road.  Let Love Live discovered her taking refuge at neighbor’s house where she went unnoticed for several days. Joan suffered a fractured skull and hip, and a broken jaw but was able to slowly recover under the care of her rescuers.  As our patron saint of the sanctuary, she now lives her days full of long naps, greeting the FedEx delivery drivers, fence talking with horses and being the resident nanny to newcomers who join the rescue pack.  Joan’s story is not uncommon nor the worst case scenario for lots of animals in East Texas and the South. There are many animals that need to be rescued & placed into loving homes. There’s just one thing, we can’t do it without your support.