Let Love Live’s mission is to provide sanctuary to all animals in need.  We are located on an abundant 200 acres, in Titus County East Texas, where rescued horses, livestock and domesticated animals can feel safe while locating long-term homes through adoption and foster programs.  LLL works directly with local animal shelters and rescue organizations with a goal of making East Texas “no kill”.  LLL is also a forever home for seniors and special needs animals that were slated to be destroyed.  All donations go directly to caring for the animals on the sanctuary and expanding our facilities to accommodate the overwhelming number of sick, abused, neglected and forgotten animals.

Let Love Live Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit based in Cookville, TX.  Our Tax ID is 82-4248565

Deborah Deany
Executive Director

Deborah “Devvie” Deany spent her youth working with her veterinarian father on the family farm in East Texas. It was this experience that shaped her lifelong dedication to the wellbeing of animals. Devvie’s past animal advocacy includes volunteering for the “San Diego Humane Society” and training for their “Rescue Reserve Team”. She also worked for “Synergy” and “Lionel’s Legacy”, senior and special needs rescues. Devvie has now returned home, to her childhood farm, to open “Let Love Live” in order to address the overwhelming need for animal rescue in the region.

Evan Penhasi

Evan first entered the world of animal welfare in his teen years choosing to become vegan upon discovering the cruelty of animal factory farming. Later, as a Zen Buddhist practitioner and a business owner, he learned to merge compassion with the bureaucratic nature of the corporate world. He brings his years of experience to Let Love Live to help fulfill its mission to provide sanctuary to all animals in need.

“It is our responsibility to take care of the voiceless. To not do so is asking for irrevocable negative karma that will follow us to our end of days”.

Brenda Halley-Warren

Brenda has traveled the world extensively working with Delta airlines/Jackson tours for 23 years then later owning her own agency. She has owned 2 successful businesses and most recently was the Director of Finance for the non-profit, Teen Challenge ministries in Fort Worth for over 10 years. Brenda has been a voice for the voiceless for all species, including humans, for many years and is also the mother of three sassy dachshunds, Gus and Woodrow and Tucker.